Why Falling Furniture is the Most Underrated Hazard to Children

Home furniture may seem harmless. Nevertheless, it is surprising how often children can discover hazardous places and objects. When children play, it is natural for them to want to reach, climb and pull on furniture when exploring their surroundings. There are no limits to a child’s creativity and curiosity. Getting to know their environment is an important part of childhood development, leading them to every corner of the room – but it’s not always for the better. 

reported by the CPSC

Children are especially at risk because they are unaware of these dangers. When furniture falls over, they are not quick enough to react and avoid impact. Moreover, they are not strong enough to lift anything off themselves. 

Furniture on lower levels may equally tip over. This is especially present when several drawers are open at the same time or when they are full - shifting the center of gravity off the base chests of drawers. The same effect occurs when a child climbs onto it. Therefore, furniture built both horizontally or vertically should probably be anchored to the wall. Another good idea is to place most of the weight in the lower chests, more so than the higher ones. 

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