5 Companions who were better with their second Doctor (and one who was worse)

Aaaaand whether or not I agree, let’s go! * Ben Jackson * Doctor 1 and 2 I absolutely agree with this one, Ben was fine with One but when the Doctor regenerates most people would be really freaked out by that and Ben’s there being just as freaked as you’d expect. Polly doesn’t care, so without Ben the people watching are kind of left with no one to relate to. * Sarah Jane Smith * Doctor 3 and 4 COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Four is my faaaaavorite Doctor of all time, always will be, and Sarah Jane is probably the greatest companion imo (well, idk Donna’s pretty rad). Three was a fine Doctor, but he and Sarah Jane didn’t really fit together the way she and Four do. * Nyssa of Traken * Doctor 4 and 5 Again, agree. I never really thought Nyssa and Four fit together, and she had a lot more opportunities to shine with Five (as much as I love four). She was really level headed and smart and that worked with the Five a lot better. * Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown * Doctor 5 and 6 Idk……. for this one I’m conflicted not because I disagree but just because I don’t really like Peri personally XD With Five she was just sort of… a prop imo and with Six instead of being boring the fights she gets into with him are just annoying to me. * Clara Oswald * Doctor 11 and 12 This is another one where I’m torn for the same reason kinda, I don’t disagree I’m just not sure how I feel about Clara. All I really want from DW is a companion who’s not in love with the Doctor so the fact that they went there is just ugh for me, and makes it hard to get into her character. * Rose Tyler * Doctor 9 and 10 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO yes maybe but no lol ok here’s what I mean though. So I get just as meh about RTD’s obsession with Rose as the rest of Whovians, but I really don’t think her dynamic with Ten was worse than with Nine. Rose was skeptical of Ten at first, even angry and I loved that, and then once she was used to him I really loved how they were together. Yeah the romantic stuff kinda got tired but to me she was better with Ten.

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