More family time in the lounge

As the weather gets colder, staying indoors all day is tempting. But staying indoors is still fun and allows for many activities while keeping the room warm. Especially as the holidays approach, it's a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family! The living room is the perfect place for all your activities; sit around the fireplace and spend quality time with your loved ones while staying warm, or play a board game or two on the carpet. Although most of us go into the lounge to relax, there are many other ways to enhance our family time without spending too much energy.

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the popularity of mid-century modern décor and furniture styles; a key symbol of this theme is leather furniture. Because of this, leather has seen a resurgence in popularity as a timeless classic style icon for the mid-century modern home. But is leather worth the hype and popularity, especially considering the price? Here are 3 reasons why leather is worth investing in your home.

Play some family games

The lounge is a big room in any home, and making good use of this space is a skill. Sure, sometimes the space might be smaller than the yard, but with games like crossword puzzles or board games, space is never really an issue. Even in a small space, you can still put the family on the couch and let one person play crossword puzzles, and with board games, everyone can sit around a table or blanket. The coffee table has enough space for board games, food, and storage.

Pass the time on the spaciouswiis'idea Chaise sectional sofa

While sitting on the floor may be fun, others may prefer the ample back support that sofas and armchairs provide. However, furniture like armchairs can only accommodate one person, while larger sofas are best suited for the whole family. While it's true that Marlow is one of the few large houses that can accommodate more than 3 people, smaller families may only need a little space. wiis'idea Chaise solves this problem by providing ample seating for 2-3 people without being too large for a small family of 3. Plus, as the name suggests, the sofa is reversible, meaning the L-shaped chaise longue can be placed to the left or right of either sofa.

Movie nights with the kids

With Halloween and Christmas movies all around us at this time of year, family time is like lying on the sofa and playing Kids in the Hall together ... While couches are great for cuddling (especially in horror movies), blankets are great too, especially if you want to eat popcorn. Rugs are also great for sofas as they add depth and different designs to the room.

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Do something handmade

Some of us want to relax in the lounge with the family, and certain activities can be too physically and mentally taxing. In this case, a family craft activity can be a great way to relieve stress while bonding with the kids. Simple craft tutorials can be found online and can last from an hour to a full day, depending on the project size.

leather sofa

There are many other recreational activities around the house, and these are just a few suggestions that can be fun if you have yet to try them. Of course, the most important part of family bonding is enjoying time with loved ones, so if your favourite family time is enjoying a well-deserved break in the living room, be sure to buy a sofa that's big enough for everyone to enjoy.

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