Why are Images important and how to optimize them in e-commerce?

Optimizing the images10.1% of google

Images are also a way of discovering content. While searching for images, users may also like to read about the content that the image provides, and this is how you will attract more traffic to your webpage. 

Search engines have a limitation: they can’t read the images. Instead, they focus on the content an image has. Because of this, the optimization techniques of images is essential so that user can attract more visitors via image search. 

20% of the searches of Google happen through image searches

Visits to images can play a significant role in bringing traffic to your website because it will make relevant and essential content discovery easier. Images ignite interest in the user’s mind regarding the description or the story behind it.

hence increasing the bounce rate.

Google has also started using website speed as a ranking factor as well. The performance of your website impacts the number of visitors. 

Reports suggest that unoptimized images take up to 75% percent weight resulting in an awful user experience. 

Complete Image Optimization Guide for Ecommerce (2023) (apimio.com)

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