What Are the Advantages of Progressive Web Apps for Business?

Currently, there are 5.22 billion mobile users, according to datareportal, which makes up 66.6% of the total population. As a result, half of the businesses have already developed their mobile apps. And to win the current market demand, businesses are planning to develop progressive web apps.

Now, you might be thinking about PWAs, and what it is.

Well, a progressive web app is an application that uses web browser APIs and makes the cross-platform web app look and feel like a native app. It provides the same experience as mobile apps to the users.

In this blog, you will learn about some key advantages of progressive web apps for business. So, let’s get started!

Advantages Of Progressive Web Apps For Business

1) Provide a Native App-Like Experience

There are users who tend to prefer mobile apps over web apps and vice-versa. All these things depend upon the choice and the usage of the users. However, mobile apps are far a better choice for most users.

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2) Quick & Easy Installation

Progressive web apps can be installed directly from web browsers. Users don’t have to visit PlayStore or App Store to install the app as they can be easily accessed through web browsers. Consequently, users save time and find it convenient to use PWAs. Therefore, progressive web apps are quick and easy to install.

3) Enhanced Performance

If you are running a business in retail or content provision, you need to have an app that works and responds faster by caching the data efficiently, so the web app can retrieve any data whenever required. Your users won’t wait longer, so through a progressive web app you can fulfill the requirements of your business.

4) Operating Offline

The best thing about progressive web apps is that they can operate offline. There are certain situations when you face connectivity issues, and most of your apps require stable internet connectivity. To fix this scenario, PWA has built-in service workers, and the app helps in caching the resource and serve them to fetch from it, even if the user is offline or facing internet connectivity issues.

5) Updates All The Things In the Background

It becomes annoying for users when they often get notified about app updates or any other information. With Progressive web apps, users can continue their work without getting distracted. The app gets updated automatically in the background without notifying its user.

6) Push Notification

Businesses can easily target their audience or reach out to their customers more often and can make their brand visible through the help of push notifications. The PWAs easily allows to send notifications and these are highly notified on users mobile screen.

7) Enhanced Security

Users won’t use your app unless you provide them with enhanced security. PWAs make use of HTTPS to provide enhanced security. They tend to manage and maintain the data safely stored in them, which eliminates the risk of security breaches, snooping, content trapping, and other illegal activities.


If you will pick progressive web app for your business then it will save you money, and involve less efforts for cross-platform app development. Besides that, it has an advantage of offline connectivity, fast loading, high performance, multiple device support, data maintenance, and more.

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