Answer Me 1997 (Korean Drama) EP 15 LIVE RECAP

Answer Me 1997 Day ! Yeah !! It will start at 22:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) ---------------------------------------------- In 2005, july, There were some women' profile list on Yoonjae's desk. What's this? Aha, people really wanted to introduce girls to Yoonjae but he said, I have a girlfriend:) >Taewoong called to Yoonjae. Taewoong : My teacher's daughter really want to meet you. Help me,please. Yoonjae : I have a girlfriend.. Taewoong : No lie! I know that you don't have ! I'll send you address, thank you. Yoonjae : ... > Taewoong went to the stairs and Joonhee came to there. OMG Shiwon called to Joonhee and they talked about Shiwon&Yoonjae's kiss and other things. Everytime, Yoonjae avoided to meet Shiwon and Shiwon knew it. Until then, Taewoong didn't realize that Yoonjae like Shiwon. > - Shiwon prepared to broadcast a program but a lecturer cancel the special lecture. Emergency!! But prince charming came to help Shiwon. Yoonjae came to the broadcasting station. As Yoonjae was a famous judge, people were surprised! An announcer wanted to seduce him but failed. - Shiwon's co-worker : Anyway, How do you know each other? Old friends? Relatives? - Shiwon : Just a frie.. - Yoonjae : Boyfriend. I'm Shiwon's boyfried. - Shiwon : ..!!.. (Shy) The announcer hurted her > - After finishing the broadcast, Yoonjae sended Shiwon home. Yoonjae also got out of the car. - Shiwon : Where are you going? - Yoonjae : Your home^^ Just want to drink a cup of coffee. - Shiwon : No lie! a wily scheme! - Yoonjae : I think you're exaggerating too much~. I just want to drink a coffee!! - Shiwon : Go home and sleep! - Yoonjae : A quick-witted ! Then, just give me a kiss! But Shiwon just hugged him. So cute XD > - Joonhee prepared to leave their home. - Joonhee : Are you that glad? Why don't you shake up with Shiwon ?! - Yoonjae : Hahaha.. I want to do that,too. But before that, I have to do something.. > - Taewoong sent a sms to Shiwon, "..Do you sleep..?" and called to Shiwon. - Taewoong : Are you free tomorrow's evening? Let's eat dinner together. - Shiwon : ....okay.. I also have something to tell you. - Taewoong : Okay then, let's meet at the japanese restaurant that I like. You know there, right? - Shiwon : .. Okay.. > Next afternoon,Yoonjae droped by Taewoong. - Taewoong : What happens? - Yoonjae : Just to see you.. - Taewoong : Are you sure? I think you have something to say to me. - Yoonjae : Yes, I have something to say to you. Hyung.. In fact.. - Taewoong : I know that you like Shiwon. I only recently discovered that you also like her. And also, you liked her before I like her. Why didn't you tell it to me? - Yoonjae : If I told it to you? Would you give up? Like? - Taewoong : ..No. Shiwon will make a decision. I've never gone all out for her. I'll confess my love to her for the last time. And if it will not work, I'll give up. Anyway, don't forget today's appointment that my teacher's daughter want to meet you. ( This appointment also in the same japanese restaurent!) > You know that Yoonjae really like his older brother. And also, he is in awe of his brother. Confused... Inner conflicts between his brother and his love. > Shiwon visited to Joonhee's hospital. They talked about Hakchan&Yoojeong couple, Seongjae and other simple things. - Joonhee : So, why do you meet Taewoong today? - Shiwon : He wanted to meet me and I also want to tell him about this situation. I don't know how to say... To me, he's like a family member. He's so precious and I don't want to lose him but at the other side, because he is precious, I have to say. - Joonhee : For me, he is like... - Shiwon : Like what?? - Joonhee : Hmm, nothing. Oh you have to go now or you'll be late. - Shiwon : Okay, let's meet next week~ Watching Shiwon's back, Joonhee talked to himself. - Joonhee : For me, he's not easy person.. > In the evening, Yoonjae went in front of the japanese restaurent. I saw that a girl( waited for him in the room. At the same time, Shiwon also waited for Taewoong. Taewoong arrived to the restaurent. Yoonjae called to his brother, Taewoong. - Yoonjae : Hyeong.. I know that you like Shiwon, but I can't give up her. I'll not give up her. Do you remember the college scholastic ability test day? I wanted to confess to her but you said that you like her. So I gave up because You liked her. But I can't... You're the most precious in the world to me. But I'll not give up. Today, it's the appointment and to save your face, I'll meet the girl. But next time, don't do this. > Now Taewoong felt that Yoonjae really liked Shiwon. When Yoonjae entered the room, there was Shiwon, not the girl! Oh... Taewoong entered to meet the girl(G.NA) replace for Yoonjae. Taewoong sent a sms to Yoonjae, "I'm sorry." Then, Yoonjae cried:-( Now, Yoonjae also felt that he is so precious to Taewoong. > In March, 2013 In front of the surgery room, Shiwon's parents waited for the baby! A nurse came out and said, "Where is the husband? Mother wants to see him." Then, Taewoong turned the corner and showed his face! -_- (Don't do this , screenwriter!!!!!) Just behind him, there was Yoonjae! So Who is the father of Shiwon's baby?????? ========================================== EP15 is over! Did you enjoy recaps? There are thousands of grammer mistakes but please understand it XD So the last EP is left! Can we see Shiwon's husband next week?XD Personally, I want to see their wedding scene! Will there this kind of romantic scenes? Please ~~~ (+)Oh, it is super difficult to explain, but the last scene, When Taewoong sent "I'm sorry" sms to Yoonjae. The scene overlapped with Shiwon's grand father& his brother story. It was so touching. If I explain the outline, Shiwon's grand father's younger brother didn't like his brother(Shiwon's grand father) because his gained everything. But at the end, he could feel that his brother liked him so much. This scene overlapped the situation between Yoonjae & Taewoong. So touching! EP 16 Preview here :

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