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  1, the cable line above the red-colored clip to the dead battery and to the point battery shows the positive terminal above.

  2, the next cable line, there is a red battery clip. The clip is also connected to the positive terminal of the good battery above the terminal.

  3, then we see a black battery clip on the cable, marked with a negative terminal, connect it to the negative terminal of the battery.

  4, in addition to the negative black clip, there is a black clip. It should be connected to the engine case or car body.

  5、. When you start the battery, you should open the good battery first and then open the bad battery.

  6、Unloading the cable happens to be the opposite of the steps when installing it. Just follow the order. It is relatively simple.

  7, in practice, the voltage of the two vehicles must be the same before the above steps can be carried out.

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