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AVG Breachguard

What are the benefits of using AVG Breachguard?

There is an array of benefits to using it. Following are some of the benefits-

It monitors the web non-stop for your leaked personal information.

You can stop your personal information from being collected and exploited by third parties.



You can also scan your passwords and see if your personal information is at risk.

You can get control of your online account’s privacy by checking how much of your personal information can be seen by the public on social networking sites.

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How to use AVG Breachguard?

It is instrumental in scanning your web browsers for duplicated, weak and breached passwords. This application also offers additional tips for protecting your online privacy by monitoring your browsing history and bookmarks.

All you have to do is open it and, go to settings, select the browsers tab.

When you click on green the red (OFF) slider next to a browser, it changes to green, and after you enable the browser protection for a web browser, the application checks it for weak or breached passwords. If it finds any issues, it notifies you about these issues on the application dashboard.

‘Privacy threats.’

It shows the below list of vulnerable online accounts-

Breached account

Using breaches password

Reused password


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