Arang And The Magistrate (Korean Drama) -LIVE Recap ep.9

Hi:) Nice to meet you~ I'm new recaper who gonna recap Arang for you guys~ hope you have fun and comment if you have any question~:D Then, see ya tomorow ;) And don't forget to add me if you wanna see Arang recap continually:) Ep 9 with Eng Sub: Ep 10 LIVE Recap: Cast Eun O: Lee Joon Ki A-rang: Shin Min Ah Ju Wal: Yeon Woo Jin Dol Shoi: Kwon Woo Jung Mu Yeong: Han Jeong Su Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra Choi Lord: Kim Yong Kun The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu Hong Ryun: Kang Mun Yeong Choi Lord come to Eun O and says "If you feel uncomfortable with you work, let me know." But EO says "It's none of your business." EO asks to Choi Lord "Why he tried to hide the story about grave related murdering?" Choi Lord "Everyone have known about the grave. A few years ago, there was kind of terrible bath of blood. At that time, the grave was made. If you continually try to know about grave, you will remind of the terrible memories to people." But EO deosn't believe Choi's saying, thinking that he's behaving for his own benefit. Then Choi attack EO, saying that "you are not first child but second child from second wife, The worse thing is that your mother is daughter of person who disobeyed king. I can't take magistrator like you." Ju Wal asks A-rang to go a place for view which is called Young Na Roo. But A-rang doesn't listen to him, saying that there is no difference between first and second child. They are all same person." Choi Lord "If you wanna still find out of the grave, keep going. But I'm worried if ur servants would still listen you, knowing that you are second child." Suddenly, A-rang get angry of Choi, saying that wat's wrong with the fact that EO came from second wife. Do you think this is understanding?" Then Choi threatens AR and is about to hit her, but EO stops him. EO says to AR "Why you suddenly step in the situation?" AR says "I can't bear in those wrong situation." She cheers him up, saying that you are still cool. It doesn't matter you are second child. Choi says to Hong Ryeon "Ju Whal behave strange thesedays. He started care of a girl which is called Arang." HR says "U don't have to care about it" Choi's servant reports that "Some of people in town continally go to magistrater." At the same time, EO thinks alone in his room all day, and AR worries of him. Dol Shoi invited Bang Wool Lee. DS says "In this home, there is a girl who doesn't seem like person. She seems like a fox with six tails." While talking together, BW and DS feel hearbeating to each other. BS come to meet AR by accident. She says "Are you still next to EO? How much do you try to use him?" Yeom Ra Dea Wang(King of hell) asks to Ok Hwang Sang Jae(King of heaven) "When are you gonna tell the truth to Mu Young?" AR says to EO "I heard that flowers in Young Nam Ru is so beautiful. Why don't we go and take a look?" AR says "I love flower most in the world. Give me any flower at least like peach flower." Then, AR asks "why you try to find your mother?" AR says "cuz my mother disappeared because of me. She was born from parents who disobeyed the King. She always hated someone, I didn't like world which made mother like that, feeling sorry of my mom. But one day, I came to dislike my mom. I couldn't change my mind. At that time I realized that I've hated my mom." AR asks "If the person who you hated disappeared, isn't it good thing?" Suddenly, stragers come to EO and threaten him, asking for money. EO says "how dare you attack magistrater?" During fight, a strager came to die, but AR noticed that people who takes the dead is not the angel of death. So she follow them, and says "You should not guide the dead by force like this. Then he will be a ghost with hate." AR feel confused "Who are they?" Mu Yeong says to AR "Everything went wrong becuase of you." EO get angry "why you went without saying? don't make me find you. don't make me care of you." Hong Ryeong knew situation went wrong because of Mu Young. In her room, AR reminds of the moment that EO says "don't make me care of you." AR feel hearbeating, thinking of the moment. Ok Hwang(King of the Heaven) asks to Mu Yeong "Did you catch many ghosts?" Yeom Ra( King of Hell) asks about Mu Yeong "why he followed false angel of death, disobeying your order?" but OH understand him, saying that I'd also wonder if I were MY. In the morning, EO comes to AR and says why he said "do not make me to care of you." He says "I need you to be secure to find my mom. For your security, I will teach you how to protect yourself." But while teaching her, EO get hurt and AR says you don't have to do it, but EO continaully teaches her. But EO suddenly feel kind of good feeling, and stops teaching, getting embarrased. AR reminds of the past which distressed past magistrator, feeling sorry. At the moment. Choi Lord's servant try to find out why people in town continually go to magistrater, torturing one of them. His son recognized the sitation and begs to let his father go. Choi ignore him and order solve the problem ASAP. Choi Lord feel strange , seeing Ju Whal is secure still. He doubt why HR still protecn JW. JW asks to HR "Why AR deosn't die? She is also not human?" but HR refuses to answer, saying that "stop asking but just follow my order." HR talks alone "The existence like AR can not be happened. She was made by King of hell and heaven to catch me." JW comes to home of EO and asks for meeting AR. But EO doesn't let him meet her, saying that " it is bad manners to come to lady with caution like this." Then JW see AR and asks to go out. "I have problem to fix with you together. Let's go together." AR says "I was thinking of finding you." But EO doesn't wanna AR go, cuz he worries of her. AR says she wanna asks directly why JW asked me for marriage in the past without loving me. Then the boy who begged for his father's security comes to EO and begs him "plz survive my father." EO was about to refuse it and run, but he stops. preview of ep.10) JW asks to AR the relationship with EO. In the meanwhile, EO threaten to Choi Lord "don't disturb him". And AR asks to EO "why you continually care and follow me? do you like me?" Also she comes to say to EO if she fails to solve problem about her death, she have to go to hell. EO get angry, saying that "why you tell me the truth now? you don't care of yourself at all?" p.s)Asks me further through comment if you have any questions about story! :D

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