How Can You Prepare for the IIT-JEE focus in Physics?

The JEE Advanced Physics syllabus has been intended for extremely practical and application-based learning. This is because applicants may grasp every idea by comparing it to their everyday experiences. We hope that this journal will be helpful to everyone who is preparing for their upcoming IIT-JEE examinations.

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Physics preparation is built on four key elements





Timetable is Important

How to Prepare for the JEE Advanced Physics Exams?How to Prepare for the JEE Advanced Physics Exams?

Make a strategy and stick to it. After all, your productivity and discipline will determine half of your preparation. Set up a specified amount of time for Physics with this in mind.


Once you've mastered the fundamentals, concentrate on the most critical IIT JEE Physics chapters. Determine the importance of your significant chapters based on their weightage in the tests.

Keep a detailed record of all derivations, equations, and experiments in your syllabus and keep it wherever you can see it every day.

Revisit all of the key principles regularly.

Solve IIT JEE practice questions regularly. Mark the questions you find difficult to answer and return to them frequently.

Take full-length IIT JEE mock exams once you have completed the whole course.

Resources You Will Find Useful

HC Verma's Physics Concept

Visual Physics:

This will serve as a basis for mastering idea application skills and improving your problem-solving abilities. As a result, it becomes necessary for individuals who are unable to grasp how to address a new type of difficulty. Because when you have a thorough comprehension of the ideas, you can readily discern which concept will work and which will not under certain situations the difficulties. As a result, you will know very fast what method you need to take to address the problem.

D.C. Pandey's JEE Physics Set of 5 Books

Use these books to solve problems.

Only these two books (combined with PYQs and Mock exams) will get you exceptional (more than good) grades in Physics.

Irodov, I.E.

Olympic and JEE Pathfinder:

Special Focus on Specific Topics


Work energy problems

SHM(Simple Harmonic Motion)

Gravitation, Potential energy concepts


Optics, prism, YDSE

Center of mass and Rotational motion

Modern physics(NCERT and H C Verma)

Current electricity (Very important)

EMI and AC




Fluid dynamics

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