5 Bass Lures for Bank Fishing

After complaining to some fishing buddies that all the tips I can find online are focused on fishing from kayaks or boats (both of which I don't have!) they helped me put together this list of 5 bass fishing techniques that work best from the shore! Bank fishing can apparently still be productive in the fall, so I'll be giving it a try. 1. Topwater frog Ponds are frog magnets, and if you can hear frogs on the water, you can bet the bass are going to want to bite them! Lowlight hours are the best for this activity. If there's vegetation, bass will bite. If there's laydown, bass will bite. If you hear frogs or smell a "fishy" smell, you'll definitely get some bites. 2. Lipless crankbait Lipless crankbaits get a lot of activity even when fished from the shores. Long casts are a must, but you can know if this will work if you're seeing surface activity on the water. This is also a great presentation to try in windy conditions. 3. Wacky rigged stick worm Wacky rig a stick worm and you're sure to get bites, especially if a Texas rig isn't doing it for you. Fish these along grass lines and vertical structure, like a dock. 4. Texas rigged big worm Big worms don't just work in the summer: they work year round! Fish these in heavy cover with a 3/8 ounce weight. My friends say "just trust me." 5. Finesse Jigs Small jigs outperform big jigs in ponds. Larger jigs just get caught in the nasty pond bottoms but smalle rigs sit on top and get bites. Feeder creek mouths and dams are the best place to try these! Hope that helps any other "newbies" get themselves some fish

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