7 Movies Every Teen Girl Should Watch

● Clueless For me this movie was simply a part of LIFE growing up, but as it gets older fewer and fewer girls are watching which to me is a shame. Clueless starts Cher, your average rich teenager obsessed with shopping, parties, and boys. But when her step brother moves back home, Cher’s world is turned upside down and she learns what’s really important in life. ● Never Been Kissed An adorable movie of overcoming your insecurities and finding happiness. Never Been Kissed stars Dew Berrymore as an early twenties reporter being put on special assignment at a high school. The only trick is she has to pretend to be a student. If that wasn’t bad enough, Draw finds herself developing feelings for the hot young English teacher. This movie will make you love your awkward side, and accept it along with Dew. ● Mean Girls Quite possibly the quintessential movie of the 2000’s. I still hear my students quoting this movie, and the jokes never seem to get old. If you’ve somehow managed to miss out, I highly recommend it. Mean Girls is about wanting to fit in with the popular crowd, and learning what it really takes and who you really are in the process. ● 13 Going On 30 What would happen if you put the mind of a 13 year old girl in the body of a 30 year old woman? You’d have a movie chock full of ridiculous and hilarious antics of course! Or a movie about what it means to let go and have fun with your life, and how reserved and ultimately self conscious we become as we grown up. ● John Tucker Must Die Classic problem: The guy you like likes someone else. Except, you’re dating him. And he’s also dating them. Wait, hold on, there’s nothing normal about that at all! John Tucker Must Die is a hilarious comedy of female bonding about four woman who find out they’ve all been dating the same guy. A wonderful movie about friendship. ● Easy A As you should know by now I love fractured fairy tales, so naturally a classic story with a modern twist is just my style. Easy A is a modern twist on The Scarlet Letter and in my opinion is the second (and better!) coming of the classic 80’s teen dramas that explored relationships and societal expectations. ● The Breakfast Club The teen movie of all teen movies, The Breakfast Club broke down stereotypes we learned from media and life and showed us that deep down we all have things common with one another and we aren’t as separate and different as we assume.

I'm a high school art teacher in the lovely land of AZ, I love fairy tales, reading, magic, and Once Upon a Time. Never stop dreaming!
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