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There are two types of Spinal Implants are:

Fusion and Non- Fusion


Fusion surgery is used to join two or more vertebrae together to stabilize the spine and limit motion. Although spinal injuries can occasionally result in the backbone becoming unsteady, the more frequent justification for fusion surgery is to maintain the spine's stability once a damaged disc has been removed. In spinal fusion surgeries, the following implants are frequently used:


Metal Screws


Special Screws

Cages keep enough room between two regions until bone graft material solidifies into bone tissue. Rods stabilize the spine by holding it in place with tiny pedicle screws. Plates help stabilize the vertebrae as the tissues heal and new bone grows.


There are specific techniques that use implants as an alternative to spinal fusion. Patients in Santa Monica will probably learn that the most typical illustration is an artificial spinal disc constructed from synthetic materials to resemble an actual spinal disc in appearance and feel. Maintaining a normal range of motion in the injured area is the main advantage of artificial discs.

Another non-fusion spinal implant that may be used is a flexible rod. A more recent kind of rod, it extends and bends as the patient grows and the surgical site heals, making it an ideal replacement for conventional stiff or inflexible rods. This implant is increasingly being utilized on younger scoliosis patients to lessen the number of operations kids need as they grow and mature.

Materials used in spinal implants manufacturer in Mumbai

Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel and Carbon Steel. 

Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices

A spinal cord stimulator, an implanted device, is used during spinal cord stimulation (SCS). It delivers regulated electrical impulses to damaged or erroneously conveying pain signals nerves. The impulses activate the damaged spinal cord or surrounding nerves. It lessens pain-related sensations and is necessary to cancel out pain signals transmitted to the brain's area that processes pain. Some of the advantages are:

A more positive reaction to physical therapy

Being able to resume your regular activities without discomfort or interruption

Less reliance on drugs can have long-term adverse effects, such as the possibility of addiction.

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