Introduction to java programming :

Java programming is a process of writing computer programs using the Java language. A Java program is a sequence of instructions written in a text file and saved with a .java extension. A Java programmer writes a program in a text editor such as Notepad or TextPad and then uses the Java compiler to turn that program into a machine-readable form that the computer can execute. Java Classes in Pune

Java programs are portable, meaning they can run on any platform that has a Java virtual machine (JVM). Java is a widely used programming language and is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and platform independence. Java programs are object-oriented, meaning they are made up of objects that interact with each other. Object-oriented programming is a style of programming that is designed to model real-world objects and interactions.

Java is a platform-independent language, meaning that Java programs can run on any operating system that has a JVM. Java Classes in Pune Java programs are also platform-independent at the hardware level, meaning that they can run on any type of computer, from mainframes to PCs. Java is a distributed programming language, meaning that Java programs can run on multiple computers connected by a network. Java Classes in Pune

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