Apex Industries | Manufacturing water well drilling products

We are expert in manufacturing water well drilling products likes dual rotary shoe,foremost shoe ,nipple, casing protector, press fit coupling, k packer

Who we are-

Apex Industrial Products Pvt Ltd initially started as Apex Industries in Barrie, Ontario, Canada at the year of 2003. Apex industries was specialized in making water well products as well as vanes. We have been making customized water well products such as plugs, nipples, drive shoes, dual- rotary shoes, couplings and etc. Our products are both standardized and non-standardized (specialized) as per the end-users request. Our specialized water well products are made to fit into standardized device in the market. Customizations of designs on our products are an ongoing process as per the distributors and end-users inputs. We have our in-house Heat treatment facility to maintain better quality.

For more product enquiry visit : https://www.apexindustries.ca/

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