How to Clean Your Antique Furniture Without Defiling it?

The moment we hear the word Antique, a thought of greatness passes through our mind. We've always been hearing throughout our lives about antiques and how they define the class of their holders. But now all those who own antiques know how to take care of them. After merely a year their antiques feel like wheezing for proper care. So, how do you take care of your antique furniture and preserve its quintessence for ages?

Tips for taking care of your antique furniture

Before it is time to give your furniture a proper clean, it must first be placed under the right conditions. Prevention is always better than cure (especially when we are discussing antiques). The good thing about antiques is that they are greatly old; the bad thing about them is also the same. They are fragile, just like the elderly, and require proper care.

1 - Let there be no light

antique furniture

2 - Let there be no heat

Light, if you are aware of some science, is a form of heat. Thus, you also have to make sure that no direct heating source is around the antiques. Heat messes up the furniture's size; making the wood shrink or grow, it can lead to destructuring and breaking of joints. Keep your oven, radiator, fireplace, stove, etc. far away from your antiques.

3 - Let there be no moisture

Not only antiques, any furniture, be it new or old, suffers from fluctuating moisture levels. We all have observed at least once in our lives how wooden doors suddenly start annoying us in the rainy season. The reason is that wood swells up at the slightest touch of moisture. It not only will metamorphose your furniture into a funny state but will invite mold and infestation for a lazy party.

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But this is not all that concludes caring; you should also know how to clean your antiques.

How to clean your antiques?

There are five things you should keep in and around you while cleaning antique furniture:

-Vacuum cleaner

-Cleaning solution


-Dry foam

-And patience (the most)

Start with a vacuum cleaner. It takes away 70% of your worries by taking away 70% of the dust. Once you are done taking away the dust, it is time to deal with the stains.

Depending on the furniture type and the extra material used, you can use different types of cleaning solutions for it. For example, brass parts in the furniture might need another cleaning solution. Look for the right cleaning agent. Also, don't be harsh. Don't use the wet solution on furniture without polish.

Once you are done removing stains, clean it with dry foam and let it dry naturally. Don't use heat to get it dried quickly.

These are some tips and ways you must always keep in mind if you have vintage furniture pieces in your home. Love your antiques, and they'll love you back.

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