To The Beautiful You (Kdrama) ep 10 LIVE RECAP

Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 4 Preview ( ) Ep 4 Live Recap ( ) Ep 5 Preview ( ) Ep 5 Live Recap ( ) Ep 6 Preview ( ) Ep 6 Live Recap ( ) Ep 7 Preview ( ) Ep 7 Live Recap ( ) Ep 8 Preview ( ) Ep 8 Live Recap ( ) Ep 9 Preview ( ) Ep 9 Live Recap ( ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ LIVE RECAP START Today 10 pm korean time Eungyol entered the room and got surprised. After Taejoon and Jaehee woke up in surprise and fell down from the bed, Eungyol came back to his room in sad face. His roomate asked if he saw ghost, Eungyol said it's better of he was seeing ghost. Back in Taejoon and Jaehee room, two of them become akward. But Taejoon still care for Jaehee and checked her fever. On the way to the bathroom, Jaehee hit her cosmetic bag.She hurriedly tidy it up And Taejoon just turn around his head. Taejoon's manager sent message remind him about the interview. Eungyol was talking alone in his room thinking about the incident. He thought about all the incident that might happened which make Taejoon and Jaehee ended up in the same bed Either they hit each other other head and ended in bed together Or Jaehee feel down from upstairs and ended up in Taejoon's bed. Or after pillow fight, Jaehee get too tired to go upstairs and ended in taejoon's bed. In Taejoon's interview. Taejoon admitted he was on slump. And Taejoon also admitted he jumped again to show it to someone special. The manager also got shocked with it. On the way back, the manager asked who it is. And asked if it's Hanna, but Taejoon said no and go to sleep. Back in the studio. The manager showed the brother the schedule. the studio manager saw Jaehee's photo and said he look like a girl. The brother said he is a girl, and he will beome a witch who will change her . In the room, eungyol come and asked for Jaehee. Since she was in laundry room, Eungyol just put his book in desk. And he told Taejoon there will be an inspection. Taejoon remembered the cosmetic bag Jaehee had. He went to other room and ask for some porn magazine. TAejoon put it in his room. Inspection begin, it was done by the principal who checked Taejoon, and Seungri checked Jaehee's place. Jaehee got worried. Since the principal found the porn in Taejoon's place, the inpection in JAehee was stopped. When Jaehee gave back the soap which one she borrowed from him. Eungyol told her that he already told Taejoon about the inspection. and got confused why he still got caught. JAehee was also confused. the news about Taejoon special one spread. In Hanna's school, hanna said that it must be her, but still she look concerned. and Jaehee, Eungyol, Jungmin and Seungri saw it and thought about it. Jaehee also felt confused about it. Jaehee was in the do's house when Taejoon's come Jaehee asked him why he turned down the chance to go to CAnada and train with his dream coach. Taejoon just said situation has changed. Jaehee got angry and said she knew how much he want to go. But Taejoon just said nothing. JAehee got upset and said maybe it's not business and left. Jaehee cried while walking away. Taejoon caught him but stopped when he saw the brother picked her up. The brother told Jaehee he will kidnap her for one day Taejoon just left after saw both of them left On the car, Jaehee looked down, and the brother tried to cheer her up. Back in the room, hanna remind Taejoon about his cousin's party he couldn't miss Eungyol practiced badly while thinking about the bed incident. The coach told him about the national athlete pool. Eungyol was nervous hearing it. The brother took Jaehee to some shop, and then asked him to accompany him to a party. He asked jaehee to change her clothes. In the way to a party, Hanna asked Taejoon about his decison not to go to canada. Hanna just said it was a good decision. Eugyol was in a shop and asked to see some clothes. In the party. Jaehee wore some wig and dress as a girl. The brother took her to get some food. At that time, Hanna and Taejoon arrived in the same party Back in the dorm, Eungyol parctice in front of the mirror on how to give Jaehee the couple tshirt he bought for him and her. His roomate come to the room and saw the bag, he smiled and asked how can he know it was his birthday. Eungyol said no, and he will but his present later. His roomate got embarrased and become mean again. In the party, JAehee got bored and was about to call Taejoon. the brother come and said he will show her around. Taejoon saw a glimpse of Jaehee and got curious about it. The brother took Jaehee to special room with many JAehee's picture inside it. Jaehee said she got touched, and asked why he did that. She asked the brother about one frame which was empty and why it was there. The brother said, he already beside her since she was a kid And said he still want to be ebside her in the future. He was confessing his love to JAehee. Jaehee got akward. The brother told her to think about it slowly and answer him later. Outside, JAehee found Taejoon adn Hanna , so she tried to avoid her. But Hanna saw her, Jaehee run away and made Hanna chased her . TAejoon come and save JAehee who was trapped in the locked room. The brother come and said two of them shouldn't be in the room since it's restricted. Taejoon just took Hanna away. The brother said sorry to JAehee. The brother was waiting for Taejoon outside the dorm. He told TAejoon, if he can't make Jaehee happ, he should let her go. And said he like JAehee and has confidence in making her happy. After saying it, the brother just left. Back in the room, Taejoon went to Jaehee's bed and just saw her. Jaehee know but pretend to sleep. Taejoon back to his bed and think for a while. Eungyol who was practising saw Jaehee walking beside the field. He chased her bringing the present. Jaehee asked his practice and Eungyol said about the national pool. Eungyol gave the present. And Jaehee opened it said it was beautiful and said thank you. Eungyol said he has something he want to say but only after he become the national athlete. Jaehee told him to say it but Eungyol told her to wait. In the dog house, Jaehee was talking with the dog. Taejoon come and Jaehee tried to avoid him. Taejoon asked her to go with him. they got into the bus, and Taejoon said he want her to accompany him taking picture. Taejoon took some egg out and broke it in Jaehee's head. Jaehee asked Taejoon for the yellow part. She got choked up and Taejoon gave him some drink. they took some picture in some park.they also took some picture together. WHen they got rest in the grass, TAejoon said he didn't go to Canada because Hanna. he said there is other reason but it's a secret. He said, since he's not going anywhere so Jaehee also can't go anywhere. On the way home in the bus, taejoon feel asleep and accidently his head fell in Jaehee's shoulder. Jaehee reied to stand his head back, but in the end she just touched his hair. In Hanna's room. Hanna thought about the girl she saw in the party. The manager called her to remind her about interview but she said she hate to go there. Hanna got up and see Jaehee's yearbook which her friend lent her. She found about about Jaehee identition as a girl. In the school, the female teacher found the coach cook some ramen. they ended up eating together. The woman teacher why he stop being an athlete. He said he just got bored, Jaehee gave some short to Eungyol who was about to go to the national athlete pool. As a return, she stiched Korean flag in the shirt. Back in the room, Hanna was waiting for Jaehee. She took all the things inside Jaehee's cosmetic bag saying she know everything. JAehee beg hanna to keep it secret, but HAnna just got out and headed to the princpal office. Hanna found the doctor, and told him about JAehee. The doctor acted surprised and took Hanna away. The doctor sent message to Jaehee saying he will take care Hanna the doctor took Hanna to the clinic. Hanna was upset and the doctor told him this fact will be bad for Taejoon's reputation. The doctor told her to settle it privately. Hanna said she will make sure it will end up soon. Hanna met with Taejoon and told him about JAehee was a wgirl. Taejoon doesn't look surprise. Hanna got upset and found out it was Jaehee that make him not got to Canada. Taejoon just said sorry , while Hanna got upset and crying. Taejoon asked HAnna to keep it secret. Hanna got upset said Teajoon is crazy and left. Eungyol was warming up for the competition . he wear the shirt Jaehee gave him. the doctor told Jaehee to end this disguise for 1-2 days. Jaehee said thank you and start thinking about her time with Taejoon. hanna and Taejoon also thought about the incident. Hanna said okay about keeping it secret but Hanna asked for a wish from Taejoon. The coach told eungyol he was not success this time and ask him to try harder next time. eungyol got sad while touching the Korean flag stitch Taejoon found Jaehee Jaehee said she has something she want to say to Taejoon. At the same time, Hanna live interview was on TV. Hanna said to public, she was in relationship in TAejoon. Taejoon got surprised and Jaehee look sad. next episode preview. The doctor told Jaehee to prepare herself to leave. Jaehee was cleaning Taejoon thing and everything. But Taejoon was still act nicely to her. Eungyol found out about her feeling to Taejoon [Viki Video] To The Beautiful You EP 10 full video + Eng Sub

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