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Data scientists can advise companies, political campaigns or governments, and other organizations that require data to achieve their objectives. Therefore, students with a degree in data science can pursue various jobs.

Data Science Career Outlook

Careers in data science offer lucrative salaries and job opportunities across various sectors. Between 2029 and 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts strong growth for a variety of data science jobs, such as market researchers (18 per cent), Computer researchers and research specialists in information (15 per cent), Computer systems analysts (7 per cent) as well as operations researchers (25 %).

The fields of data science typically pay more than the average national salary. According to the table below, data scientists earn over $100,000 per year based on their work experience. Per the BLS, the data scientists and professionals in mathematics science are classified as professionals in math science careers, such as experts and data scientists in mathematical science. They earn a median per year salary of $105,560. Salary estimates vary according to the worker's employer, the industry, their location, their training, and the amount of experience.

Data Science Career Paths


A favourite subject for business-oriented students, Finance covers investment and the valuation of assets. Students must take classes in management accounting institutions and financial markets and the management of supply chains. They also study international business finance and are taught the procedures and regulations that govern international trade and imports. This program helps prepare graduates to enter the field of manufacturing and forensic accounting and financial analysis jobs.

Computer Engineering

A concentration in computer engineering prepares students for computer science and electrical engineering. Students learn to create hardware, control communications and networks, and build intelligent technology. They also explore machine intelligence embedded systems, embedded systems and cybersecurity. Graduates may pursue careers as administrators of information systems and network architects.

Business Analytics

Students studying data science who choose the business analytics option acquire cross-functional abilities in gathering, managing, and describing data sets. They make inferences and predictions to support business decisions at the organizational and managerial levels. The courses include the theory of optimization, extensive data analysis as well as online model innovations. Career paths related to data science comprise business intelligence analysis and digital/social media marketing.

Healthcare Administration

A concentration in healthcare administration will help students manage medical services and increase accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare for patients. Students who seek specialized education in healthcare administration can access many of the fastest-growing jobs across the U.S. They may work in hospitals, insurance companies, public agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Environmental Sustainability: -

Students in concentration and data science are taught to use statistics and analysis to tackle climate change. They also aid companies in reducing manufacturing emissions as well as waste. They can also create sustainable energy sources and advocate for environmentally-friendly government policies. The curriculum includes an analysis of public policy, clean technologies, supply chains, and sustainable strategies for companies.

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