Love Rain Episode 6 Preview

Seo Joon: Who were you with? Jung Ha Ha: Mom's 1st love, the one always in her memories and who made her once so happy Seo Joon: Stop! Seo Joon - Han Tae Sung: Who are you? Jung Ha Na: It's just nothing. Jung Ha Na: Let’s go. Seo Joon: Let’s go eat. Jung Ha Na: What? Jung Ha Na: Are you telling me you like me? Jo Soo: Is this Real? Seo Joon: I'm not serious about her. Jung Ha Na: So you say you can make any girl fall for you in 3 seconds. That won't work for me, because i won't be looking at you not even for a second! Jung Ha Na: Is this me?? Jung Ha Na: You used my Photo without my permission! Seo Joon: Just What are you doing?

I dont have a favourite anything XD I just love any musician that comes up with great tunes & beats. I love Clothes that inspires me to go on on a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Food is also something very important to me. So you'll be seeing me around these Parties -O^
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