How to Tie Dye with Bleach - 10 Folding Techniques with Pictures

Tie dye is a little bit chaotic, and you can’t really tell it what to do. You can get the right tools and use the right methods, but in the end, the dye will go where it wants and do what it wants! The great part is, tie dye is tough to mess up if you do it with an open mind, mixing and pouring colors with the expectation that there is beauty in the uncontrollable.

Plus, it is impossible to create two tie dye pieces that are exactly the same, so when you create with tie dye, the results are always uniquely yours! Any variation in color, pattern, or any unexpected result are all just part of the swirly, crumply, gorgeous mess that is tie dye, or any kind of making and creating.

Top 10 reverse tie dye ideas and inspiration

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