Why We Watch: A Personal Football Story

Let's share a story. When often discussion football in the public state, whether with co-workers or friends, we often exchange the range of emotions based on the clubs we support and their results. We buzz with every big win, lament with every big loss, but through it all remains a question that is not asked often enough: Why? Why do we support the clubs we support? For some it could be simple. As someone born and raised around Philadelphia, a very scrappy team placed right on the Delaware's banks seems a natural fit, and so some of us simply have that hometown club to root for. While I do support the Union, it's not the #1 club I support, that being West Ham United. Seen as a peculiar choice, it's often question how such love for a club could have blossomed. Growing up I played football up until high school where I dropped off the squad after failing to make more than 3 appearances from the bench in a season & a half. I never had the time to watch the sport, however and I was often only fed my football dosage once every 4 years with the World Cup. In 2002, prior to high school, I feel in love with the sport even more, often staying up until 7:30 in the morning to watch the World Cup (then in Korea/Japan). The United States had an immense showing, beating Portugal 3-2 in an opening thriller. They went on to down rivals Mexico and make a stunning Quarter-Final appearance before losing 1-0 to Germany. The tournament made Brian Mcbride a hero, and me crave more football. Fast forward to 2007. The Premier League was first being picked up by Fox Sports & ESPN. I managed to find out prior to the last weekend of the season that I could watch West Ham-Manchester United to close the season. West Ham were looking to create a great escape from relegation, something they accomplished when hero Carlos Tevez scored to put the Hammers ahead. The fans went delirious and West Ham had completed one of the greatest runs to safety ever. The following season I caught more games, including West Ham, which I watched more than other clubs because of the tale of the previous season. West Ham played attacking football, finishing 10th and by the end of the season I was hooked on the club, its supporters, and the football on display. I have been watching the Premier League ever since, and in 2010 the Union had finally begun their franchise in the MLS. By then I was hooked on West Ham, but would never turn down a hometown club, adopting the U as part of the now global list of clubs. So, what's your story? How did you get into football? What is the club you support and why? Whatever the answer, the memories made supporting the club with each match is what keeps us coming back for more.

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