What Are Buyer Keywords and How Do I Find Them?

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There are two different types of buyer intent keywords; high intent keywords and low intent keywords. There are many different high intent keywords which buyers use; however, it is important to recognise these as those in which they use words such as “buy”, “purchase”, or “order”. This means they are searching for products and services which they want to buy, or in other words they want to perform a transaction. Low intent keywords are those where the buyer uses words like “free” or “discount” in their search query. This means that although they have an intention to buy, they are looking for the best pricing options or offers they can find, and are those who do not need the item immediately.

So how do you identify buyer intent keywords?

There are three ways in which to identify buyer intent keywords that are related to your business.

● Google search: Carrying out a Google search is something you can do yourself. When you search for queries related to your business, you will find that buyer intent keywords are those that are targeted in ads with direct calls to action etc.

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● Surveys: Carrying out customer surveys is another popular way of identifying buyer intent keywords since this method gives you the information directly from the buyer.

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