[Live Recap] Answer to 1997 Korean Drama EP 16 (LAST EP)

LAST EP ! It will start at 22:55 KST(Sep 18). Please refresh this card for live update:) -------------------------------------- >In 2013 March, Shiwon's parents waited for Shiwon in front of the surgery room. One nurse came out and said, "Who is the husband? Baby's mother wants to see him." TaeWoong and Yoonjae showed their face! >> In 2005 September, Shiwon drank beer with her co-workers. She didn't go home for several days. OMG Yoonjae suddenly turned up! He took away her glass.lol > Yoonjae sent her home. He really wanted to enter her home.lol But his wily scheme failed. Shiwon called a taxi for Yoonjae and went home.lol > He took a taxi but soon, he came back in front of Shiwon's home. In front of her door, he tried to guess her password. Yoonjae's birthday? No. Shiwon's birthday? No. It was Tony An's birtday.Hahaha - Shiwon : Go home ! - Yoonjae : Give me a cup of coffee, then I'll go home. But after drinking coffee, he didn't want to go home. - Shiwon : I know what you think! - Yoonjae : Kiss me, then I'll go home. She kissed to him lightly. -Yoonjae : Are you kidding? And a passionate kiss! > 2013 March again! - In front of the surgery room, a nurse ask to people. Who is the father? And our Yoonjae said, "I am the father" Yes Yes!!!!! He entered to the surgery room. OMG Shiwon seized Yoonjae by the hair and abused him hard.lol > 2012 reunion. Hackchan,Sungjae, Yoojeong and Joonhee said : I can't imagine. If other people saw you, they couldn't imagine that you were a couple.lol In 2005, they were very nice couple. But Shiwon like Tony more than Yoonjae.lol > Shiwon visited Yoonjae's home. - Yoonjae : When we got married, is this house okay to live together? - Shiwon : .... - Yoonjae : Why..? - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : ,.You will not marry me???? - Shiwon : Is this a propose?? - Yoonjae : Yes! Do you want to something different? - Shiwon : No way! If you do some event, I'll kill you!!!!!! - Yoonjae : Then, answer me in 3 seconds, or I'll kiss you 10 times. - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : 1 - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : 2 - Shiwon : ...Okay Okay! Shiwon asked to Yoonjae the day Joonhee moved. Joonhee almost understood what Taewoong thought. - Yoonjae : Wow you're amazing! You really catch people's mind well. Be a psychiatrist ! - Joonhee : Well.. I know other's mind well but I don't know what I think. I want to make up my mind first... Today is your exam for promotion. Good job! - Yoonjae : Joonhee-ya... (And he hugged behind Yoonjae.) Let's have a dinner later. Like this, Joonhee's first love was over:-( > Taewoong went to DBSK(TVXQ) concert with his assistants. Oh he met DBSK fan club vice-president and it was his doctor ! (Jooyeon of afterschool. do you remember?)lol And Yes, they became a couple finally! Taewoong and she wanted to get married first. BUT Yoonjae used his head. Shiwon failed to avoid getting pregnant.!!!! > Again, 2012 reunion. Shiwon's parents came to the reunion with a girl. Who's she? It was Yoonjae&Shiwon's first daughter! Wow! She's so cute! So the embryo was Shiwon & Yoonjae's second! Almost finished. Hakchan & Yoojeong will get married soon. Joonhee met a person. After the reunion finished, he went back to the hospital. Someone took him but we couldn't see his/her face. I really hope that Yoonjae meet a nice girlfriend/boyfriend. He deserves it! Last scene, Yoonjae and Shiwon went home together. Shiwon rode the car. If someone saw them, it seemed a big fight but no, Just they expressed affection very unique style. In 1997, in the picnic, Sungjae, Joonhee, Yoonjae, Shiwon, Hakchan & Yoonjeong took a picture. They wanted to memorize their beautiful days. THE END ! ========================================= Oh..........It finished! I don't know what to say. It's just like our irrevocable youth. It was wonderful but we couldn't go back to that days. I'll always cherish this drama & this moment as a beautiful memory. I really enjoyed this a lot because of you :-) Even though my English is poor, you waited for me! hehe Thank you everyone!

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