How to Get Current Store ID in Magento 2

E-commerce has changed how customers shop and conduct business. Online shopping allowed a buyer from France to purchase something from an Indian retailer! As the customer base expands, the store owners make an effort to offer a platform for shopping that is appropriate for the native language, currency, etc. of their customers.

Therefore, Magento 2 allows you to have many storefronts to give your customers a simple shopping experience.

get the current store id in Magento 2 get the current store id in Magento 2

Especially if the retailer demands personalization that is unique to the store. For instance, store A's currency and price of goods are different from store B's.

Any such condition-based alteration must be put into practice before obtaining the shop ID. Do not show a popup of discounted items or generate a store-specific CSV if the store ID is one; otherwise, do so.

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