Top 10 Batman Vehicles

Being a billionaire Batman knows a thing or two about style, and his rides are always sweeeeet. Here's my top ten favorite Batman rides! I would go into detail about why each is awesome, but it would start getting super repetative, so forgive me for being so brief XD 10) Batmobile, Batman Beyond Super sleep, super futuristic, and so cool! 9) Batmobile, Adam West TV Show It's a supped up muscle car, can you get cooler than that?! totally perfect for the era and still sweet today. 8) Batmobile, Batman Forever let's not talk about the movie, but the Batmobile was excellent. 7) Bat-Tumbler, Christopher Nolan Trilogy Nolan's adaptation of the Batmobile is totally awesome! it takes armored car to the next level and and totally believable! 6) Batcycle, Batman The Animated Series Batman motorcycle is great for chasing down bad guys in the narrow alleyways of Gotham, and awesome too! 5) Batskiboat, Batman Returns I think people sometimes forget about the skiboat which is a shame because it rocks! 4) Batplane, Batman The Animated Series Perfect for swooping in like a total bad ass, the Batplane is a classic! 3) Batpod, Christopher Nolan Trilogy I'm not sure what was cooler, the design of the "batpod" in Nolan's movies, or the fact that it transforms out of the Batmobile but it doesn't matter it's freaking sweet! 2) Batmobile, Tim Burton Movies Total bad ass car, custom designed and custom built to be (almost) the best! 1) Batmobile, Batman The Animated Series Hands down the absolute coolest most bad ass awesome Batman vehicle of all time, TAS Batmobile is so cool it cannot be topped!

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