Olfactory Perception In Cats

Understanding animal cognition can be challenging, especially when it comes to cats. We read many articles about canine cognition, behavioral research, and our knowledge of "man's best friend," but we read less about cat cognition because they may be fickle. Cats are not as cooperative as dogs.

An innate component of cat cognition exists. The olfactory sense is an inborn talent. Cats are able to see, hear, and smell. Do not underestimate the whisker's ability to detect stimuli. Their stimuli are crucial for their development as kittens and for their survival as adults.

They must first use their perception to determine how they feel about their mother. This may be a result of a cat's natural ability to identify predators. As they utilize scent to define their territory and sense other cats', they continue to protect themselves throughout their lives. The most important feature in comprehending cat cognition is by far olfactory awareness in cats: their smell!

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