i will miss this show.. will you?

REPLY 1997.. a tribute to the really awesome show.. i loved every bit of it and will miss it.. adios to the child hearted and ass kicker shiwon.. to the adorable and handsome yoonjae.. to our cute and lovable joonhee (though you did not get the guy in the end but we love you!!).. hak chan and yoo jeong.. you two make a really awesome couple.. and sung jae..poor guy!! and yes a really sad goodbye to the goat sound.. although you'd be gone.. you'll always be replayed in my mind when someone makes a fool of himself.. bye bye reply 1997.. you'll always be remembered!! love..love

who am i? don't ask me that.. makes me go all haywire .. bcoz.. I FREAKING DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MYSELF!!! gosh..
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