Gardening Moderator, Q4! Hello!

Hello everyone :) thePinkFlower is here to talk to you about gardening for the next 3 months, and boy am I excited! I've been in my garden for more years than I'm willing to share (that'll show my age, you know), and I just love talking about plants and crafts and things. I hope that we can all share about what we learn in our gardens, as well as some of those cute crafts people are always coming up with to keep our gardens even more beautiful. If our community grows to have 6,000 members by the end of the three months, I'll be a happy girl! So, if you love gardening, don't be shy! Come chat with me about your daisies or tulips or trees or vegetables or whatever it is that you love to grow! I do a little bit of everything, and if I don't know the answer to any questions, I'll help you find it! If there is anyone who wants to help out with the community as staff, let me know by message. Happy planting; let's get those hands dirty!

Hi, I love gardening! If my hands aren't dirty then i ain't happy = )
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