29 Ways to Stay Creative

What to do when you are going through a creativity drought? If you’re a visual-oriented person then you will be inspired by this video infographic by To-Fu Design. They managed to use kinetic typography to inspire people to stay creative with 29 tips. If you have under 2 minutes to spare, then watch on to get motivated and start feeling productive. Font used: Arial Music: Kämmerer - Fairest of them all (#) Reference: 1. Make lists. 2. Carry a notebook everywhere. 3. Try free writing. 4. Get away from the computer. 5. Quit beating yourself up. 6. Take breaks. 7. Sing in the shower. 8. Drink coffee. 9. Listen to new music. 10. Be open. 11. Surround yourself with creative people. 12. Get feedback. 13. Collaborate. 14. Don’t give up. 15. Practice, practice, practice. 16. Allow yourself to make mistakes. 17. Go somewhere new 18. Count your blessings. 19. Get lots of rest. 20. Take risks. 21. Break the rules 22. Don’t force it. 23. Read a page of the dictionary. 24. Create a framework. 25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect. 26. Got a idea? Write it down. 27. Clean your workspace. 28. Have fun. 29. Finish something.

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