arang and faith episode ratings

so here's the evidence... just wanna share... ARANG has 20 + 1 episodes while FAITH has 24 episodes... TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU is so pitiful with having a single digit rating of 5.8% in ep 10 PANDA AND HEDGEHOG got almost .2% on the first ep and second ep.. (0.288 1st ep and 0.99 2nd ep) , i can't find the rest of the, why is it this low? donghae is pretty famous, no doubt about that but i guess it's the girl panda...she's not that cute like yoo in-na who only have 3 dramas as supporting actor but then lands as a lead female actor on the next drama QIM... HEUNDAE LOVERS..11.0% episode 13... not as good as faith in ratings but getting by.. MAY QUEEN, 17.7% episode actually doing good... nice, i love that drama.. FIVE FINGERS 9.8% episode 10 is doing good too but kinda dropped a little on the last ep...

I love korean dramas and movies!! ^^ and i super love my baby joowon.. saranghae aegiya... lol
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