How to plan luxury holidays for less

We gather tips on how to enjoy a luxurious holiday without having to splurge. Timing is everything It goes without saying that during holiday seasons, prices are up. Hence it is wise to plan your travel in the shoulder season—the season between two peak seasons. In Asia, the price is generally lower during the “wet season”. This also goes for flight tickets. Best to fly on weekdays compared to weekends for cheaper fares. It is also a good idea to book further in advance for budget flights or make the best out of a travel fair or during airlines’ promotional sales. It is also a smart idea to book during school-term time and to know your destination’s schooling schedule to avoid school mid-term holidays. In Indonesia, school holidays fall in July and December. Choose a more famous tourist destination The closer your destination is, the cheaper your travel costs will be and this means you can allocate the funds for your accommodation instead. But if a luxurious experience is what you are after, it is best to choose not only somewhere close by but also a famous tourist destination. This is because more famous tourist destinations will have more infrastructure and more accommodation competing to give the best services, experiences and prices. For example, as much as you would love to explore Kalimantan, you will find more luxurious budget accommodation in Bali compared to in the aforementioned destination. In Bali, hotels and villas are generally well designed, chic and luxurious. For only Rp 1.2 million (US$98) per night you can stay in a private villa with a private plunge pool and nice eco furnishings. Go for local hotels and B&B Instead of searching for accommodation from well-known chain hotels and resorts, it is a good idea to narrow down your accommodation search to local boutique-style accommodation or even B&B types. With the hype in the travel industry globally, even B&Bs nowadays are starting to be designed to pamper the guest’s senses by offering concept accommodation, from tropical chic to colorful minimalist. Staying in accommodation like this, with usually fewer guests to handle, the feeling is often intimate and special because they cater to their guests personally. Airbnb could be the first place to start looking for this type of accommodation. Let the world know you are celebrating If the trip is a celebratory occasion such as a honeymoon or wedding anniversary, it never does any harm to ask in advance for a special promotion package for the occasion. When booking the hotel, it is a good idea too to take the second-cheapest room in the list to enhance the chance of getting upgraded. Make the most of Travel Sales, Online and Offline Go hunting on travel websites and as well as travel fairs for the best deals. The key to success in this is to keep focused on your selected destination and not to be distracted by too many offers.

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