Five MORE Breakups You’ll Go Through In Your 20’s

The Texting Breakup ● Much like the phone breakup, it can happen because doing something as difficult as breaking up is just too hard in person, or in this case even just voice to voice. Just please try to avoid this if you’re the dumper, I know how hard it can be but really, everyone deserve more than a text. The In-Person Wow This Is Really Happening Breakup ● Easily the most uncomfortable conversation you can have with someone but once it’s all said and done (and maybe some tears have been shed) you can be proud of yourself for taking a mature approach, or if you were the dumpee you can be grateful your now ex had enough respect for what you both had to do the deed face to face. The Everybody's Crying Breakup ● You know the one, maybe it’s because of a move or one of you just isn’t feeling it anymore, whatever the reason neither of you really wants to be breaking up but it needs to happen. There’s no malice, just pain, sadness, and a whole lot of crying. The Everybody's Yelling Breakup ● Similar to “everybody’s crying” except with a lot more hurt feelings. This can happen when someone was unfaithful or one of both of you has just simply brought out the worst in the other and that spark ignites a fireworks display of a breakup. The Long, Drawn Out Breakup ● It’s done, you’re over. You’ve updated your social media, told all your friends, maybe even thrown out their stuff. But then you call. Or they text. Whatever happens, you’re drawn back in again. But the problems that caused the relationship to fall apart in the first place are still there and eventually you’re right back where you started. Five Breakups You’ll Go Through In Your 20’s -

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