The Importance of Sunday's Cowboys Game Against the Texans

The game against the Texans will be very important for the Cowboys for many reasons, not least of which is showing that they've learned that no game is a throwaway. Blogging the Boys has some great observations on the past consistency problems (as fans know, that's an understatement), including: "This vacillating between good, at times quite good, performances and fall-on-your-face embarrassments is something that has to be eliminated." Yes! Thank you! But also... "While all teams will have the occasional off week, good teams tend to maintain a certain level of play through the majority of their games. This is something that Dallas has failed repeatedly at. To return to the playoffs, the Cowboys must get rid of the tendency to emulate a yo-yo from week to week. There must be no more worrying about whether good Romo or bad Romo will show up. We have to know that it is the same Romo every week, and that the rest of the roster is also going to give a strong, consistent performance every game." It would be great if, unlike in the past few seasons, we didn't have to think after an incomprehensible loss: "Classic Cowboys." Here's to some stability in 2014!

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