TV's Most Stunning Makeup Free Ladies

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Survivor: The Australian Outback ● The survivors were starving, sunburnt, fire-burnt, flooded, and completely exhausted, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck managed to look radiant through it all on one of the roughest season the show has ever seen. Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights ● Beautiful and healthy-looking with Texas sun-kissed skin and that luxurious hair, Connie is one gorgeous woman. Eliza Taylor, The 100 ● One thing I will never understand is how everyone seems to look so good in a post-apocalyptic world! Does Clarke keep a lifetime supply of moisturizer and sunscreen in that backpack? Do these teenagers not get acne? And where do we get one of those jackets? Elizabeth Mitchell, Revolution ● Both Revolution and Lost saw Elizabeth at her barest, and she still remained gorgeous. Her hair, her skin, everything is absolutely beautiful. Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica ● Does this mean space, like apocalypses and mysterious time-traveling islands, makes for some great skin? Sign us up for the next moon mission (but not for any human/cylon wars, please). Taylor Schilling, Orange is the New Black ● Did Pip really get sent into solitary for weeks before being taken back to Chicago? Because it sure looks like she's actually on her way back from a trip to a prison-themed spa. Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead ● If it's possible for your skin to look this good covered in dirt while you’re running from zombies for days on end, then I say bring on the apocalypse! No no I’m kidding please no zombies! Liv Tyler, The Leftovers ● Regardless what you think of her decisions regarding friends, clothes, and various harmful life choices, you can never question her beautiful clear skin. Evangeline Lilly, Lost ● Some I doubt I’d be looking this healthy or radiant after a week on a tropical island, let alone several months! Caitriona Balfe, Outlander ● This leading lady's flawless skin has me wanting to buy a plane tickets to Scotland just so I can bask in whatever complexion magic is running rampant in the highlands.

I'm a high school art teacher in the lovely land of AZ, I love fairy tales, reading, magic, and Once Upon a Time. Never stop dreaming!
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