Flash Finger DJ Live in Club Mass, Seoul, Korea

Flash Finger DJ Live in Club Mass, Seoul, Korea. This Party is Flash Finger & TzarBomba - 'Owl Vision' Release Party via MOON Records Label. Who is ready to Jump with Flash Finger? Check Out the release of 'Owl Vision' here ---> http://bit.ly/FlashFingerTzarBombaOwlVision ‪#‎FlashFinger‬ ‪#‎TzarBomba‬ ‪#‎OwlVision‬ ‪#‎MoonRecords‬ ‪#‎KeepOnRockin‬

DJ / Producer / Vocal / Founder @ Follow Discovery Music Records Facebook : www.facebook.com/DiscoveryMusicRecords Soundcloud : @DiscoveryMusicRecords Twitter : www.twitter.com//DiscoveryMusicRecords @ Follow flashfinger Facebook : www.facebook.com/theflashfinger Twitter : www.twitter.com/flashfinger Visual by VJ MecFlow @ Contact Discovery Music E-Mail : discoveryrec@naver.com (KOR) E-Mail : discoverymusicrecords@gmail.com (USA) ℗ & 2016 Discovery Music
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