What exactly is compounding?

When it comes to the medicine that a person needs, it is possible that they will require a different strategy due to the fact that every individual's body operates in a distinct way. Even though there are numerous pharmacological therapies accessible, both via prescription and over-the-counter, it is possible that certain individuals will have difficulty benefiting in any way from these medications.

The process of pharmaceutical compounding comes into play

What Kinds of Compounding Services Do We Provide?

We are now able to provide compounded solutions that are flexible while maintaining the same level of efficiency as a result of advancements in medical technology and the capacities of contemporary medicine. Continue reading down below to obtain a concise summary of the services that our compounding specialists may provide.

Streamline the administration process by compounding drugs that are compatible.

Modifying the dose or the way in which some drugs are taken in order to make them more easily absorbed is essential.

the ability to customize dose in order to achieve desired effects and ensure compliance with specific medical requirements

Simplify the formulation of the drug by eliminating any potentially hazardous components, like colors, lactose, sugar, and others.

Those who have specific intake requirements should have the option of taking their prescription in a different form, such as liquid, suppositories, or gel capsules.

Enhance the Overall Performance of Medications

Compounding is a service that we offer to patients, and it is always carried out by a certified pharmacist. Patients are able to receive the precise medicine they require to get their health back on track because of an emphasis placed on the highest significance of training and the utilization of the most current compounding technology that is now accessible. We are aware that specifics like the chemical and physical characteristics of the substance need to be accurate, and that elements like the stability, dose, and solubility of the substance, along with any other pertinent considerations, are always taken into account. In the event that you require services related to pharmaceutical compounding, we are available to meet the requirements of your prescribed prescription.

Healing of Wounds

wounds can vary substantially

Some drugs might not be as successful as they should be because of the fact that the human body recovers in a unique way for each individual and is affected by a variety of physiological factors. In situations like these, the practice of pharmaceutical compounding can be of assistance since it provides a more individualized strategy for the healing process, regardless of the severity of a wound.

How Compounding Can Be of Assistance

We are able to take a variety of prescriptions and construct specific pharmaceuticals that are fit for a patient's needs with the assistance of technology and a staff of devoted compounding pharmacists. This is made possible for us by the fact that we are able to compound medications. Whether it's a topical, gel capsules, or even medicated "bandages," there are many things we can do to speed up the healing process of wounds, no matter how big or how little they are. The following is a quick list of the pharmaceuticals that can be created by compounding them.

Create gel-capsules

Innovative formulations to improve patient adherence

Products applied directly to the skin, such as ointments, creams, or powders

Custom polyox bandaging

In the event that the medicine you are currently taking isn't enabling you to recover as quickly as it should, it is imperative that you investigate compounding treatments in order to eliminate the risk of infection and any other health concerns that may arise.

K&K Pharmacy

Since opening in June 2011, K&K Pharmacy has provided exceptional service to the communities of Muleshoe, Farwell, Bovina, Texico, Clovis, Littlefield, Amherst, Sudan, Friona, Springlake Earth, Olton, and Morton as well as the surrounding areas of Bailey, Parmer, Lamb, Curry, and Castro counties. Kristine and Dieter Isaacson, proprietors of the pharmacy, together with their whole team, are committed to providing you with an exceptional pharmacy experience in a one-of-a-kind environment.
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