Crossovers in Video Games

Crossovers are a common thing in movies (Nick Fury showing up in Iron Man 3 or Hawkeye in Thor just to name some Marvel-ous examples XD I’m so sorry I had to) and in TV shows (way back in the day Buffy and Angel used to do crossovers and now there’s Arrow and Flash crossovers), but it’s less common in video games. As the article points out there have been games with crossovers. Their examples are things like Kingdom hearts which combines Final Fantasy and Disney characters in a mishmash of awesomeness, or I would also say that Smash Brothers or Brawl are also crossovers because they use Nintendo characters from different games. Beyond that though there aren’t a lot of video game crossovers out there. Until now!!! Hyrule Warriors is a new game from the creators of Dynasty Warriors who cleverly retold Japanese history as a tactical fighting game where you play as historical figures like Hatori Hanzo and Tadakatsu Honda (my friends really like them lol). Hyrule Warriors will be the same style of game but using the characters from the famous and awesome Legend of Zelda series including Link, Zelda, and even Sheik Zelda’s alter personality. Normally I’m not really into Dynasty Warriors, it’s a lot of like hack and slash and the stories are interesting but the mechanics distract from it imo, but I do love the LOZ characters so this could be a fun way to play that style of game, just with characters I already like and a story based on LOZ. Now that I’ve heard of this I really want to play the game because it’s a really cool kind of crossover. The characters of one game series with a set style of game play in the world of a different style of game play, it’s just really cool I think. Has anyone here played it? It came out at the end of September. c:

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