Classic Indonesian Fried Rice

The famous Indonesian fried rice. original made from leftover rice and eaten as a breakfast dish. It is very easy to make and won't take more than 20 minutes to prepare. Ingredients: 350 gr. Long Grain Rice 2 Tbs. Vegetable Oil 3 Eggs 1 Onion 2 Green Chillis, Sambal Ulek or Sambal Badjak (Indonesian chili paste). 1 Garlic Clove 1 Leek 250 gr. Chicken 250 gr. Shelled Prawns 3 Tbs. Kecap manis (sweet soy bean sauce) How to: 1. Beat the eggs and make into a omelette, slice into strips and set aside. 2. Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan. 3. Add the chopped onion, leek, garlic and chillis. Fry until the onion is soft. 4. Slice Chicken into strips and add with the prawns to the onion mixture and cook, stirring occasionally until they are well mixed. 5. Add the rice, sweet soy sauce and omelet strips and cook for a further 5 minutes. 6. Decorate with some of the leftover leek and serve hot. Source:

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