To The Beautiful You (Kdrama) ep 12 LIVE RECAP

Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 4 Preview ( ) Ep 4 Live Recap ( ) Ep 5 Preview ( ) Ep 5 Live Recap ( ) Ep 6 Preview ( ) Ep 6 Live Recap ( ) Ep 7 Preview ( ) Ep 7 Live Recap ( ) Ep 8 Preview ( ) Ep 8 Live Recap ( ) Ep 9 Preview ( ) Ep 9 Live Recap ( ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ LIVE RECAP START NOW Eungyol stopped Jaehee who was about to enter her room. He said "I know that you are guy, Gu JAehee I like you" Jaehee said why kiding like that, but Eungyol said he's not kidding. Jaehee saw Taejoon approaching them. Taejoon asked why they both end up together. JAehee and Eungyol explained Jaehee picked him up from his house. After entering the room, TAejoon asked wht discussion she had with eungyol. Jaehee said nothing, but Taejoon said why JAehee's face become red. TAejoon said he will not come back to the hospital, and told JAehee he and HAnna had no relationship like she thought. Taejoon got indise the bathroom and wondering what did Eungyol said to JAehee. Eungyol in his room also thought about his confession and thought it's a good decision. Eungyol's roomate was about to take off his shirt. Eungyol suddenly asked him not to do it, take off his clothes or walking around only with underwear. But his roomate ignore him and took off his shirt, But Eungyol felt nothing. At night, JAehee who can't sleep, gave Taejoon who was right below him a phone. She said she was here for long time and made Taejoon feel bad. But Taejoon just said thank you for making him jump again. Jaehee who was so happy looked below and asked what did he just said. Taejoon just askead again what did Eungyol said. Jaehee avoid it and just go to sleep In the morning, TAejoon run with happy face. he then exercise his jump and success, his coach even believe in him again. The coach in the end yell at Hyonjae who was down and said this was mental game. Taejoon asked wht happened with Hyonaje in the locker room. But Hyonjae just laughed and said not to care his business. After Taejoon left, Hyonjae remember his discussion with one of the sponsor. The sponsor asked him to win from Taejoon in the next championship to be the next star. AT the school, JAehee avoid Eungyol Then JAehee visited HAnna. Hanna asked if JAehee did all of that because she like TAejoon. Jaehee said yes, so HAnna said she will keep it a sscret. JAehee just hold Hanna's hand and asked her not to give up sport. SHe give Hanna some letter to give her some strenght JAehee left and said she will play more even HAnna doesn't like it. In the letter was Taejoon's quotation In the room, Jaehee was checking flight back to LA TAejoon sneek around and made JAehee closed her computer . TAejoon tried to open but JAehee stopped him. After JAehee left for shower, Eungyol gave her a call. JAehee come back and took her phone with her to the bathroom andjust let Eungyol call go on. Seungri was waiting for Hanna in the hospital hall. He said hello to Hanna and said it was destiny HAnna just ognore him In the room, Taejoon heared the water running when JAehee took bath Taejoon got hot and start exercising. even after JAehee finished, Jaehee's wet look still make him hot. JAehee found another cosmetic from Taejoon. Taejoon just said it was gift from his purchase. JAehee just said she will use it slowly . JAehee remembered Eungyol's confession and tried to forget it. Jaehee said she will go out and Taejoon give her hat because outside is getting chilly and she just washed her hair. Jaehee was meeting with the doctor and asked his opinion about Eungyol. The doctor said as time goes by more and more people will know So he asked him to take care things and get out from the school. Taejoon was fixing the lamp in the entrance when eungyol found him. TAejoon asked Eungyol what did he said to JAehee yesterday. Eungyol said nothing but then said he said he already confessed to JAehee. Taejoon said JAehee is a guy. Eungyol said he know, and he doesn't care and he want to try until the end. On the way back to the room, JAehee said she had to fix her heart And the teacher said he had good way to deal with eungyol's problem. the doctor asked the woamn teacher to go with him in the weekend. eungyol was waiting in front of Jaehee's room with milk. Taejoon saw him and asked him to go in if he want to go in. Jaehee said she will go to charity act with the doctor in the weekend. TAejoon and Eungyol said they will go with JAehee. Jaehee looked not good after Eungyol went out to pack his bag. Taejoon was asked to check his email bu his manager. He used Jaehee's computer and found out about the flight registration. In the hospital, Hanna told the manager her relationship with TAejoon is finished. Seungri heard it and smiled. The dcotor, woman teacher, coach, JAehee, Taejoon and Eungyol arrived in the Korean house. JAehee also took the dog with her. Taejoon took Jaehee bag and made Eungyol take JAehee small bag. Eungyol said to JAehee about his confession. He said he said the truth and asked their relationship come back like before. Jaehee looked hesitated. Taejoon saw it and just walked. The 3 of them looked at the house and found some picture. It was the grandfather picture and the grandmother said he already passed away. Jaehee said it was the first time she went to the village. Taejoon told Jaehee to change her clothes and drag Eungyol to get some ingredients for dinner. Jaehee changed her clothes and said to dog she will have good time before she go back All of them started their charity work. The doctor did free treatment, and the kids fixed the house and do farming. TAejoon asked JAehee to wash his back. TAejoon was about to ask her the flight things but changed his mind. JAehee saw TAejoon's pants is ripped up. JAehee said she will sew it for him. TAejoon changed to the ajumma's pants, made Jaehee asked to take picture of him as memory. TAejoon said why she talked like a preson who will go away, but JAehee just avoid it. Hanna was holding Taejoon's picture in the roof. Seungri found her. At that time TAejoon's picture slipped and fell down. Hanna want to grab it nad look like someone who was about to fall down. So Seungri come and grab him, HAnna hit him in the stomachache right in the operation place made Seungri got into operation room again. Before got in , Seungri said to Hanna, in the world, there is other men except TAejoon like him. The grandmother cooked some cchicken for the hguys's dinner. Then TAejoon and Eungyol made the bed together. They got into emotion and ripped the sheet. Eungyol asked what is Jaehee to Taejoon? because it doens't look like only frined to him. TAejoon avoid it and leave the room. TAejoon was outside playing with the dog. Jaehee who was about to go to the bathroom and asked TAejoon to accompany her since it was outside and scary. Teajoon waited for Jaehee outside the bathroom. After finished, Taejoon asked if she will come back to LA TAejoon said he saw the flight itenary accidently. Jaehee said she also doen't know what should she do. She said she want to see his jump but there is nothing she can do to help. Taejoon said it must be uncomfortable for him and asked her to think about it. They suddenly see the grandfather and said "ghost, get awy" They found out the grandfather didn't pass away, just went to vacation. The woman teacher got stomache, the coach was trying to get him some fruit essence . he tried all the pot outside the house. Eungyol found JAehee sitting outside He said he will listen to JAehee's problem. But Jaehee just joke with him . Taejoon saw all of that and looked jealous. The coach come back with failure and found out the essence in the fridge. He give it to the woman teacher. and the woman teacher said the coach's hand smell like poop. But the coach said it was soybean's smell Eungyol got call that he got in as the national athlete. Eungyol didn't believe it and asked Jaehee to hit him. Jaehee and the coach was so happy for him, but Taejoon doesn't look so happy. Taejoon was thinking all Eungyol's action Eungyol packed his bag since he has to meet the director. Eungyol said it was all because of her, and said thank you. Eungyol left. Jaehee was bout to reach the bowl in the upper rack when Taejoon come and help her. Eungyol was outside realizing he took Jaehee's phone. He got into the room and found no one. Taejoon said he want to talk something .At that time Eungyol called her. When she was about to go out, Taejoon hold the door. He said " when he talk with him, don't care about Eungyol and i will not let you go to USA" next week preview. When eungyol found them, Teajoon looked cold, and JAehee look flushed. The doctor was talking with TAejoon about JAehee. Since back from the camp, JAehee and Taejoon looked lovey dovey. [Viki Video] To The Beautiful You EP 12 + Eng Sub

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