How do I upgrade to big front seat Spirit?

Are you here to know about How do I upgrade to big front seat Spirit? Or wanted to get all the details that assist you in making upgradation. Then, you are at the correct articles that provide you with all the information, and you need to read the articles till the bottom to get the details and resolve all the issues that appear. Below are the following all the information mentioned, which you have to follow.

Procedure to upgrade your seat on spirit:-

how do I upgrade to big front seat spirit

1. Initially, you have to go to the official website of spirit Airlines and then move to the manage my booking options. 

2. Now, you need to enter the passenger's last name and reservation code to make upgrades. 

3. After that, you have to enter all the other airline flight details that are needed to book the flight ticket. 

4. Now, continue the steps and then click on the seat upgrade options. Then, all the available seats will be listed, and you need to select the seat according to your preferences. 

5. When you select the seat, then provide all the details on their specific places and confirm that by clicking on the confirm tab. 

6. Then, you need to go to the payment methods and then choose the mode to pay, and successfully complete the payment. 

7. Lastly, when the steps as mentioned earlier are completed, then, you will get the confirmation message on your registered email address and contact number. 

Moreover, there are some charges that you need to pay while making any upgradation in your seat booking; to know the price to get an upgrade then, it will be $35, which adds up when you make a payment for a flight seat booking. 

Hope that you will get this information beneficial to upgrade to the big front seat, and here are the following best ways that you should follow and fix the problems. You can also visit our other articles to get more information and fix the issues. 

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