Basic YakAngling Drifting Techniques

- You can locate more fish by kayak while drifting. - You also have don't have to do as much work by fishing while drifting: by using water currents to your advantage, you don't have to do as much paddling while actually trying to fish. Learning to drift is key to being able to yak angle successfully. - It is also possible to use a drift sock to drift in the correct direction; these drift socks can keep you on course while also giving you the movement necessary. In high current conditions, they can help you keep the kayak stable. - You can control the direction of your drift very easily with a minimum of paddling. - Your kayak will never stay pointed directly downwind - it will vary to some degree. - You simply change orientation from port (left) to starboard (right) or back again by one backward thrust of the paddle on either side of the kayak. - Fish can detect your presence before you think they can. As you approach in kayak, there is a change in water pressure that fish can feel because of their lateral line (a nerve that detects water movements). Using a kayak and drifting without paddling can allow you to seem like a more natural part of the waters movement since you paddles are not adding additional disruption to the water pressure.

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