EP01-03 Eli to Victoria

Yay!! I really want to know more about what's going on with Eli, so this is a great find!! I had no idea these existed so maybe I can finally get the answers I've been waiting for.... EP01: I knew that Victoria and Eli have been friends for quite a while, but I didn't realize that they were close enough for Eli to be the one visiting Victoria's dad, not her. It's kind of weird, right? I know that Victoria's mom is dead (because I am watching this late) but I wonder what could have sparked her to be an outsider to her dad, while Eli is an in. Interesting... EP02: Eli mentioning Robert at the end there really struck me...because I already know Robert is dead....I didn't realize Eli, too, was close with him. Robert is (was?) just such a mystery that it's weird to have all this focus and grief focused on him; I wonder how that will affect his "resurrection" and how I feel about it. On another note, this must be post Eli break-up, and is Victoria's dad insane? EP03: I think I watched too far ahead but oh my god at least I know there is progress on the Robert front! To be honest, I don't think that Victoria has thought about all those implications, because she is being selfish once again and just wants Robert back (and I'm still deadly curious as to why she's so desperate...) Anyways, yay! On we go!

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