EP10 Frankenstein, MD Reflection: Build-a-Bone

Another day, another episode! Here we go again! 0:13 back to another episode of "Victoria scares me why is she so insane!" 0:24 How does Victoria not totally slip and fall when she feels herself cracking like that when she has to talk about Robert? I really feel like she is just torturing herself.... 0:38 Is that a half naked ELI i see with my eyeeeesss? Hahah, Victoria, what are you up to?! 0:50 Yes, dear Victoria, please go help him with his pants. 1:08 I'm glad Iggy still manages to sneak in all his jokes, and Victoria doesn't cut him off: does she know how much she needs him? Also, yay Rory is here! I wonder how her and Eli are getting along. 1:18 One of my favorite jokes of all time Iggy, nice. Also Dark Lord? Even better. 1:48 Stop making Iggy get hurt, Victoria! Value the friend you have that is living, even in your pursuit of resurrecting your friend that has passed on. 2:04 Is Victoria playing match maker? Wow, seriously shocking. 2:11 Scratch that, she probably just had no one else to call. I'm glad Rory is more perceptive than me. 2:33 I don't think you....bake...femurs. OKAY Iggy I'll let it slide. Get on with it! 2:48 HAH!! Iggy! You really are me. An immature 5 year old ready to make every bone joke you can. Please continue. 3:13 How did Victoria end up with such awesome friends? Don't get me wrong, she is surely interesting, but I just wonder how they were all attracted to each other. 3:45 What in the world is a test gun for? 4:13 Iggy....be a little more tactful. I can see how you and Victoria get along, though you're missing ideas of social manners in totally different areas. 4:40 RORY IS SO MAD!! I really want to know if this was a case of jealousy, or what.... 4:53 Just like Victoria to be not worried at all that Rory just shot Eli's fact femur because she is mad at him. Yep. Nothing weird here. 5:36 I can't tell if Victoria is being awkward, or if she is just too into her bone to even pay attention.... 5:48 You're cool enough for my friends Eli. 6:10 These two need to make up!! Please!! They're both clearly unhappy. Still. A few episodes later. Victoria, use your big brain to help them make up!! 6:35 I'm sorry you have to worry about your life being endangered on a daily basis, Iggy, but it is just /really/ fun to watch. 7:05 Genius + Lackie. Can they please fall in love? I know we don't /need/ a love line, but I'd really like one.

Three turns should do it! -Hermione
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