My SDAFF Internship Collection: An Introduction

So here it is. The very first day of my two month internship with the Pacific Arts Moment, the arts non-profit that annually runs the San Diego Asian Film Festival, one of the largest exhibitions of Asian international and Asian American cinema in North America. Every year, Pac Arts invites thousands of people to theaters all across the San Diego area to see a screening, sit for a Q&A panel, or even get the opportunity to meet famous Asian celebrities - including George Takei, Jamie Chung, and Harry Shum Jr! So I'm nervous. It's been my dream to work for the organization for a good couple years now, especially since my degree concentration is in Asian contemporary arts. (Perfect fit, right?) This morning while I was getting ready - blowdrying my hair, ironing my clothes, etc. - I couldn't help but feel like Marji in one of my favorite animated movies, Persepolis, when she's getting ready to go out into the world, but of course, not until she's done waxing her legs. Anyway, all I'm saying is I'm determined to finally get to work! Over the next month or two, I'll be publishing cards all about my internship and what I learn on the way to opening a massive 10-day film festival. I hope to not only give you some fun 'behind the scenes', but also insight on what it's like to be an arts administration intern! Now cue the "Eye of the Tiger". I'm going in.

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