Sun Country Airline Booking

Sun Country Airlines booking

Convenient, enviable non-stop flightsMost flights to/from Minneapolis/St. Paul are direct with a convenient connecting service through Minneapolis/St. Paul to/from many other cities.

Terminal 2 Convenience For those traveling to, through or from Minneapolis/St. Paul, they can take advantage of the ease of use of Terminal 2, which is less crowded and has short security lines.

Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Fleet Sun Country's fleet is comprised of state-of-the-art aircraft, resulting in maximum fuel efficiency

classes of service

Sun Country offers two classes of service on all of its routes:

Comfortable Economy Class Service Roomier than many other airlines, Sun Country's economy class seats allow travelers to sit back, relax and enjoy their flight along with complimentary coffee/tea, juice, soft drinks and water. Other drinks and snacks and/or meals can be purchased. Inflight entertainment, including movies and TV shows, is also available via a Sun Country digital entertainment device, available for rent in economy class.

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