Risk factors for children and young people

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Addiction to alcohol and other drugs

Young people are starting to have problems with alcohol and drugs at younger & younger ages. This is part of a larger trend toward "dual diagnosis," or the co-occurring presence of substance abuse with mental health issues. There are also several aspects to learn about it. So get the 'do my assignment Australia’ facility to learn more about it.

Adolescent and child alcohol and drug abuse can have serious consequences for the child's as well as the family's social and emotional development.

First-episode psychotic youth, youth in out-of-home care, and youth associated with the juvenile justice system are at increased risk for developing severe substance abuse problems.


Young individuals who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and children who live in homeless households are more likely to have mental health issues.

They have mental health issues or histories of abuse, neglect, or family violence. They are also disproportionately represented among the homeless population.

Self-harming behaviour among homeless or at-risk youth can be a double-edged sword, as it can both prompt them to seek treatment during times of crisis and prevent them from getting it. Get 'pay someone to do my assignment Australia facility that helps to learn about the young individuals who are homeless and face a high risk of cognitive disability or impairment as well as a long-term risk of suicide, despite there being no simple diagnostic for their situation.

Out of home care

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