EP15 Frankenstein, MD Birth Reflection

So I was thinking about Kenneth the rat some more, and realized this: wasn't a theme in Frankenstein about how being rejected and feared by others MADE him resentful and monstrous? I wonder if the rats, here, just sensed something different, and that's what made them reject him. It seems possible, but I'm not sure. Here we go! 0:05 We finally get to see Robert's face! Yay! Good-looking guy if I do say so myself. But did Iggy just say today is the day?! I wasn't expecting them to get this far, this soon, but i guess they have to in order for us to move past this part of the plot. 0:22 Of course that is more important to you, Iggy! She's already been calling herself a Doctor for so long that she just wants to talk about the experiment at hand. And to be honest, me too! Let's keep moving! 0:50 It kind of worries me how she is clearly thinking this won't be Robert, but her work? What kind of implications does that have for Robert if he were to be revived exactly as he left? Does she own him? Does he have some sort of obligation to being her "work?" It's really worrying. 1:15 Iggy is really being put out here, all because he wants to support Vic. That's just not fair. I hope he doesn't get into any trouble because of this. 2:00 That was such a pointed look WHAT you're Frankenstein? Am I supposed to view you as the weird outsider? I'm so confused now. Plus, he isn't going to just be a subject if he lives, Vic! He's going to be your friend, or some shade of your friend. 3:00 I feel like Robert's previous brain injury might make this project impossible, but considering the show, it can't be unsuccessful? 3:50 Of course she needs to explain this to us, but I really want her to just buckle down and focus on what she's doing, and then explain it to us after. I'd really be ok with that. 4:47 I don't think that's going to help :( :( I can feel her desperation.... 5:00 I thought he was going to breath there for a second but I'm actually so glad he didn't that would have been spookily terrifying. 5:10 Listen to Iggy! You did a lot! 5:30 I don't know how I feel about this. 5:49 Oh. my. god. Is he alive?!?! 5:55 Shit. It is alive. WELL I mean I expected them to succeed but then I expected them to not at least for this episode but they did after all?? I need to watch the next episode right now to see what exactly is going to come of this.

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