Lego Batman Movie In The Works

The Lego movie was a huge success in theaters, and a large part of what people liked about it was Batman (can you blame them?!), so of course Lego has announced plans to release a spinoff starting the dark knight! What’s funny is the production studio had planned to release a sequel to the Lego movie, but after fans were so taken with Batman that pushed that to the side in favor of a Batman spinoff movie. According to the attached article, Lego Batman will even be taking the Lego sequel’s potential release date. Personally I don’t care how this might relate to the Lego movie and a sequel if that happens. I’m just excited to see Batman and some familiar faces in Lego form being awesome. There’ve been a ton of sneak peaks at the characters who will join the movie, and a lot of them are going to be nods to DC fans.

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