Why Would You Want to Hire a Boat in Abu Dhabi?

If you miss out on just one thing, you may miss out on the 'whole package' during your stay in Abu Dhabi. You may have strolled around the city's tallest and most scenic structures, relaxed at the most opulent resorts available, and shopped until you dropped in the world's largest retail malls. But what's the point if you can't reflect on the entire event. Looking back towards Abu Dhabi from the best vantage point possible?

Abu Dhabi yacht

Take in the Abu Dhabi Skyline and Sunset from the Waves

In close proximity, the tall and perplexing engineering feats appear fantastic. But does it even equal to the sight of all of the city's magnificent structures appearing in one large frame, far from shore? It gets much better when you include the setting sun in the frame. That is one vista you will not want to miss! Be completely still and enjoy the super-cool city view from afar with a handful of companions.

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