Surfing On Grace - Movie Teaser

A teaser, a kickstarter campaign, a documentary film featuring Louis Ricard and slalom skateboarding. Taken from the Kickstarter page, Louis sums up the point of the film really well: "Surfing on Grace is a documentary essay favoring this introspective angle. Powered by the passion of Louis, the search for the perfect curve becomes a metaphor for the quest of harmony, of wholeness. Surfing on Grace, it is also an expression we used to stay in a state of readiness throughout the creation of the film. Louis has also appropriated the term to describe his good runs. That is the point of similarity between our two studies. This is an area that allows you to live fully. But it is a rare condition that cannot be controlled. It also has a story of spiritual elevation. As if it were a magical process capable of raising man."

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